Celebrating Lindbergh High School's Scholar Bowl Team at PACE NSC

June 14, 2024

In a remarkable display of academic skillfulness and exploration, six dedicated Lindbergh High School students recently represented our community at the PACE NSC (National Scholastic Competition) in Washington, DC. Thanks to generous support from the Student Leadership Fund and Lindbergh Lights the Way, these students embarked on a journey that blended fierce competition with unforgettable cultural experiences.

Despite their team's relative youth—just three years old—the LHS Scholar Bowl team soared to new heights, clinching the 51st spot at the prestigious event. This achievement underscores their dedication, teamwork, and intellectual acumen, setting a strong foundation for future success.

Beyond the competition halls, our students immersed themselves in the nation's rich history and vibrant culture. From the hallowed halls of the National Archives to the artistic treasures of the National Gallery of Art, and the inspiring vistas of the National Botanic Garden, each moment was a testament to the power of experiential learning. They even found time for a spirited game of football on the iconic National Mall, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The success of our students would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our donors. Your generosity not only funds these enriching opportunities but also fuels dreams and broadens horizons. To our donors, we extend our deepest gratitude—your investment in education is truly transforming lives.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our Scholar Bowl team and reflect on their inspiring journey, we are reminded once again of the limitless potential within our Lindbergh community. Here's to our students, our supporters, and the bright future ahead!