• 2023 Community Breakfast


      Nurturing Possibilities. Cultivating Success.

23Community Breakfast
  • Each and Every Year, WE ARE THE ROOTS. Nurturing possibilities. Cultivating Success.

    Our 4th Annual Lindbergh Schools Foundation Community Breakfast was an outstanding success, boasting a remarkable turnout of 245 attendees. The event featured delectable cuisine, flawless student participation, and was set against the backdrop of a stunning venue, all of which contributed to its resounding success.

    Through sponsorships, direct donations, ticket sales, and generous in-kind contributions, we anticipate a gross profit of $83,580 from the breakfast. These funds will be allocated to support various programs, including the Alumni Association, Lindbergh Lights the Way, Lindbergh Retired Educators, Foundation Innovation Grants, Lindbergh High School student scholarships, and more.

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who attended, as your presence played a pivotal role in making this morning truly special. Your support is instrumental in our mission to foster a united Lindbergh Community. We look forward to welcoming you to many more Foundation events in the future. Thank you for being part of this memorable occasion!

  • Dr. Mary Louise Zieger Scholarship

    Dr. Mary Louise Zieger had a distinguished educational journey, earning her Bachelor of Science from Missouri Valley College in 1959, a Master of Science in Education from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in 1965, and a Doctor of Philosophy from St. Louis University in 1969. Her career was marked by significant contributions to education and the community, including teaching fifth grade at Sappington Elementary from 1959 to 1967, serving as an administrative assistant at The Middle School from 1968 to 1970, and as an assistant principal at Sperreng Middle School from 1970 to 1974. She continued teaching fourth grade students at Long Elementary until her retirement in 1997 and was recognized as a Lindbergh Distinguished Educator.

    Dr. Zieger's teaching career spanned 38 years at Lindbergh Schools, and her greatest joy was witnessing her students grasp her teachings and develop a love for learning. In her post-retirement years, she remained dedicated to her community, serving as a deacon and Monitor of the Board of Deacons, teaching Adult Bible Study classes at Southminster Presbyterian Church, volunteering at the Affton Police Department, and being a neighborhood watch captain. She also volunteered at Nurses for Newborns for seven and a half years and served as a Wing Watcher at Meramec Bluffs.

    Her lifelong commitment to education and community service was exemplified by her parting gift—a scholarship fund within the Lindbergh Schools Foundation, ensuring her passion for teaching lives on in future generations. Dr. Mary Louise Zieger's life journey was a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others.

  • Community Breakfast Photo Gallery 

    Feel free to browse through an array of captivating moments captured during the Lindbergh Schools Foundation Community Breakfast. These photos provide a visual journey that encapsulates the spirit of this special event, showcasing the heartwarming interactions, inspiring speeches, and the shared commitment to education and community that were central to the gathering. Explore the snapshots below to relive the memorable and impactful moments that made this breakfast a truly remarkable occasion.

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