Lindbergh Lights the Way - Schnucks Concord Village Store's Heartfelt Community Initiative

Summer Cafe Schnucks

August 28, 2023 

The Schnucks Concord Village store in Southfield Center is being appreciated for its outstanding community service initiative that has been making a significant impact on local families. Spearheaded by Jessica Durney, the store's dedicated manager, this volunteerism exemplifies the store's commitment to giving back to the community it serves. 

For the past ten weeks, Jessica Durney and her team at Schnucks Concord Village have undertaken a heartwarming endeavor to support families in need through the Lindbergh Lights the Way Summer Café Program. Durney, who oversees the weekly menu planning, grocery ordering, and supervision of packing individual bags for each family, has managed to accomplish this while adhering to a tight budget of $35 per week per order.

The initiative, which has seen tremendous success, has reached out to 39 families, including two families that received double orders due to having more than four children. This brings the total to an impactful 41 orders delivered each week, benefiting approximately 100 children and teenagers on a weekly basis. The commitment and dedication of Durney and her team have been instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution of this program.

Carol Stelmach, volunteer chairperson for the Summer Café program, expressed her gratitude, stating, "Without the help, dedication, and hard work of the team at Schnucks, our Summer Café program would not have been possible. We are so very grateful."

In addition to the diligent work of Jessica Durney, the initiative has been supported by a team of employees who enthusiastically help unload groceries, pack orders, and assist in delivering them to volunteers' vehicles. The community collaboration has been instrumental in ensuring that the families receive a weekly order containing a loaf of bread, hearty shelf-stable foods, and a bag of fresh produce.