Lindbergh High School Teacher Inspires Cross-Generational Creativity Through Innovative Project

December 1, 2023


In a heartwarming example of cross-generational collaboration, Stacey Glover, a dedicated Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Lindbergh High School, spearheaded a unique project that brought together high school sewing students and third-grade pupils from Crestwood Elementary School.


Stacey, passionate about fostering creativity and community engagement, requested materials like felt, embroidery thread, needles, and fiber fill through an innovation grant. Her vision was to bridge the gap between different age groups, encouraging collaborative learning and hands-on experiences.


The project kicked off with third-grade students completing a book as part of their curriculum, after which they enthusiastically unleashed their imagination by drawing colorful monsters. Mrs. Glover's high school sewing class then stepped in to bring these whimsical designs to life.


Utilizing the resources secured through the innovative grant, high school students skillfully crafted unique felt monster pillows. The project not only provided valuable resources for creative expression but also gave the high school students a taste of real-world experience, as they worked on a project for their 'client'—the third-grade students.


The final result was a delightful exchange of creativity, as the high school students presented the felt monster pillows as a thoughtful return gift to their younger counterparts at Crestwood Elementary School.


Congratulations poured in for Stacey Glover, whose innovative approach to education not only enriched the learning experience for both sets of students but also highlighted the potential for cross-disciplinary projects within the Lindbergh School community.


As a testament to the impact of such initiatives, the Lindbergh Schools community is encouraged to support similar projects. You can contribute to ensuring more educators can turn their creative visions into reality by donating here. Your generosity will play a crucial role in empowering teachers to continue inspiring students through innovative and engaging projects.