Truman Middle School Shines as Flyer Family Fund Champions for Second Year Running

January 24, 2024

In a heartwarming celebration on January 24th, Truman Middle School once again claimed the title of Flyer Family Fund Champions, marking their second consecutive year of achievement. The occasion was marked by a delightful breakfast served by Foundation board members, alongside Dr. Lake and his cabinet, as they honored the remarkable staff at Truman.


One remarkable statistic stood out among others: Truman boasts an impressive 62.86% staff participation rate in the Flyer Family Fund payroll deduction program! This program, which sees a total of 325 staff members across the district contributing every pay period, is anticipated to raise close to $14,000 for the year. These funds are earmarked for crucial initiatives such as Innovation Grants for classrooms, Scholarships for Seniors, and Student Leadership opportunities!


The success of Truman Middle School in this endeavor speaks volumes about the dedication and generosity of its staff members. Their consistent contributions directly impact classrooms through the Innovation Grant program, enriching the learning experience for students.


A special acknowledgment goes out to Alfredo, Maria, and the exceptional SFE crew for their tireless efforts in delivering outstanding food service at the Flyer Family Fund breakfasts. Their hard work and dedication play a vital role in making these events memorable and enjoyable for all involved.


As we celebrate Truman Middle School's continued success, let us also extend our heartfelt thanks to all staff members who contribute to the Flyer Family Fund. Your ongoing support is instrumental in shaping a brighter future for our students and community.