Sperreng Middle School Basketball Teams Embraces Female Empowerment Through Athletics

Date: February 7, 2024

On February 7th, Dr. Lauren Boeger, Principal at Sperreng Middle School, spearheaded an inspiring initiative to empower students through sports and celebrate female achievements. Dr. Boeger's vision came to life as Sperreng's 8th-grade basketball teams attended this year's Billikens Education Day, coinciding with National Girls & Women in Sports Day.


The event, designed to honor female accomplishments in sports and showcase how athletics can empower women in all aspects of life, proved to be an enriching experience for the students. Beyond the basketball court, the day was filled with team-building activities, fitness sessions, and career discussions focused on various fields related to athletics and universities.


The highlight of the event was the emphasis on leadership development among the 8th-grade basketball teams. By participating in discussions on media, sports medicine, education, and event planning, students were encouraged to explore diverse career paths and envision their roles as future leaders.


Before attending the event, Sperreng students engaged in an art and essay contest centered on the impact of sports on their lives or influential females. Jaden Graves and Owen Selzer emerged as the winners of this year's contest and were celebrated at halftime. Congratulations, Jaden and Owen!


What's particularly exciting is that both 8th-grade basketball teams will now leverage the knowledge and skills gained from the event to plan their own event. With support from the Foundation, the teams will receive funding for items necessary to execute their vision, further fostering their leadership abilities and creativity.


Dr. Boeger's dedication to providing enriching experiences for students underscores Sperreng Middle School's commitment to holistic education, empowering young minds to excel both on and off the court. As the students embark on their journey of planning their event, they carry with them the lessons of empowerment, teamwork, and female leadership instilled during Billikens Education Day.