Meet Lindsey: Lindbergh High School Junior and Outstanding Foundation Intern

May 22, 2024

This year, we had the privilege of welcoming Lindsey, a dedicated junior at Lindbergh High School, as our intern. Lindsey's hard work, enthusiasm, and fresh perspective have made a significant impact on our team and the work we do at the Lindbergh Schools Foundation.

Throughout the school year, Lindsey immersed herself in various aspects of our operations. She gained valuable experience in fundraising, marketing, and communications, and saw firsthand how these efforts positively impact our community. Her involvement with the Foundation allowed her to contribute meaningfully while developing her skills and understanding of nonprofit work.

One of Lindsey's standout contributions was her role in content creation for our social media platforms. Her creative input and dedication helped enhance our online presence and outreach, engaging our community and spreading awareness about our initiatives.

We are incredibly grateful for Lindsey's contributions over the past year. Her hard work and enthusiasm have been invaluable, and we are confident that she will continue to achieve great things in her future endeavors.

Thank you, Lindsey, for all your help and dedication this past year. Best of luck as you move on to your senior year! We can't wait to see all the amazing things you will accomplish.