Celebrating Physics Teachers Tessa Smith and Michelle Long: Bringing Physics to Life at Six Flags

May 24, 2024

Today, we celebrate Tessa Smith and Michelle Long, dedicated Physics teachers at Lindbergh High School. Their innovative approach to teaching physics has inspired their students to explore and understand the fundamental principles of the subject in engaging and memorable ways.

Throughout the year, students in Mrs. Smith's and Mrs. Long's classes have participated in numerous activities that integrate physics into their learning. However, nothing quite compares to applying physics to the thrilling context of a roller coaster, making complex concepts both tangible and exciting.

Recognizing the educational value of such experiences, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Long requested funding to support a field trip to Six Flags St. Louis for Physics Day. Six Flags Education Days offer a unique blend of knowledge and fun, allowing students to explore math, science, and physics by riding and observing the mechanics of world-class coasters and thrill rides.

This experiential learning opportunity provided students with a real-world application of the theoretical concepts they had studied in class. By experiencing the principles of physics firsthand, students gained a deeper understanding of the incredible things that physics enables. The field trip also leveraged several smartphone apps to enhance data collection and analysis. For instance, the Physics Toolbox app featured a rollercoaster mode, while phyphox enabled students to create experiments using altitude and accelerometer sensors.

The Six Flags Physics Day was more than just a field trip; it was an innovative and impactful educational experience that bridged classroom learning with real-world application. This hands-on approach allowed students to witness the principles of physics in action, fostering a greater appreciation and curiosity for the subject.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Long for their dedication to enhancing the educational experience of their students. Their commitment to innovative teaching methods and providing unique learning opportunities is truly commendable.

Congratulations, Tessa Smith and Michelle Long, for making physics an exciting and engaging subject for your students. Your efforts have undoubtedly left a lasting impression and inspired a new generation of science enthusiasts.