Celebrating Amanda Shimkus: Champion of Inclusion and Morale at Truman Middle School

May 31, 2024

Today, we are delighted to celebrate Amanda Shimkus, a dedicated paraprofessional at Truman Middle School, for her outstanding commitment to her students. Amanda's exceptional efforts played a pivotal role in boosting team morale and fostering inclusiveness among the athletes who participated in the Special Olympics on April 3rd.

This year marked Truman Middle School's return to the Special Olympics after a hiatus since before the COVID-19 pandemic. The excitement among Mrs. Shimkus's athletes was palpable as they eagerly anticipated the competition. Traditionally, all athletes receive a commemorative t-shirt to mark their participation in the Special Olympics. However, this year, t-shirts were not provided for the athletes.

Understanding the significance of this tradition, Amanda took the initiative to ensure her student athletes would not miss out. She requested team t-shirts for all her athletes, recognizing that these shirts would not only instill pride on the day of the event but also serve as meaningful keepsakes for their future endeavors. For many of these athletes, this was their first experience participating in the Special Olympics while attending Truman Middle School, making the occasion even more special. The team shirts added an extra layer of excitement and unity to their competition experience.

Amanda Shimkus's dedication to her students and her proactive efforts to enhance their experience at the Special Olympics are truly commendable. Her actions reflect a deep commitment to inclusiveness, morale, and the overall well-being of her athletes.

Congratulations, Amanda, on your exceptional efforts and for making a significant difference in the lives of your students. Your initiative and compassion have not only enriched their Special Olympics experience but have also created lasting memories and a sense of pride for all involved.