Spotlight on Gloria McBride: Celebrating 40 Years of Dedication

June 7, 2024

This year, Lindbergh Flyerettes proudly commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Gloria McBride Mini Pom Camp—a testament to the enduring dedication of one remarkable individual, Gloria McBride. Her impact on our community stretches far and wide, touching hearts and inspiring generations.

Gloria McBride's roots in our district run deep. From her early days as a devoted educator to her role as a cherished Flyerette parent and coach, Gloria's commitment to Lindbergh Schools has never wavered. Currently serving as Secretary of the Lindbergh Schools Foundation and as a board member of the Alumni Association, Gloria continues to shape the future of our educational community.

Every year, Gloria's passion shines brightly as she returns to oversee the Mini Pom Camp, an event close to her heart and vital to the Flyerettes' legacy. Her tireless efforts and unwavering support ensure that each participant experiences the joy of dance and camaraderie, fostering memories that last a lifetime.

Gloria McBride, your contributions are invaluable, not only to the Flyerettes but to the entire Lindbergh community. Your dedication and leadership exemplify the spirit of excellence and commitment. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we extend our deepest gratitude for all that you do. Here's to Gloria McBride—an extraordinary teacher, mentor, and guardian of Lindbergh's legacy.