• Interested in Joining the Foundation Junior Board?


Junior Board Application
  • Junior Board Applications are now CLOSED for the 2024-2025 school year!


    The Lindbergh Schools Foundation Junior Board Applications:

    How to Join:    

    Do you have a heart for service? The Lindbergh Schools Foundation is seeking applicants for the Foundation Junior Board. To join, you must be a current student in grades 8-11. All students must fill out the application (check back next year). Below, students can review all the required events and meetings they must attend.

    Requirements for Board Members:

    • Represent the Junior Board well in conduct and academics.
    • Attend Foundation Junior Board meetings once a month during Power Lunch.
    • Attend the Summer retreat (June 21, 2024): If a conflict arises, discuss with Junior Board Advisors.
    • Attend one Lindbergh Schools Foundation Board Meeting during the year.
    • Join One Board Committee (Fundraising, Volunteers, Public Relations)
    • Work with the committee to host at least one event a quarter.
    • Plan and/or attend fundraising events.
    • Engage with the Junior Board social media accounts.
    • Participate or volunteer for a Junior Board opportunity in at least two ways per semester.

    Other Responsibilities:

    • Participate in decision-making on issues, goals, and objectives.
    • Participate and engage in appropriate committee communications.
    • Participate fully and openly in meetings. Share insights, ideas and suggestions.
    • Provide constructive feedback. If possible, suggest an alternative course.
    • Carry out all delegated assignments promptly.
    • Stay informed about what is going on in the organization. Ask questions and request information.