Lindbergh Lights the Way (LLTW) is a committee of the Foundation making a difference in the Lindbergh community. We focus on students and their families who need a helping hand with participation in school events or the basic needs of living. The committee is led by Lindbergh Schools' social workers, parent volunteers, and community leaders.

        Our Mission 

                      • ENGAGE Lindbergh students in activities outside of the classroom.
                      • SUPPORT students and their families in time of need.
                      • EMPOWER students and families to achieve their goals.​​

    Light Up the Holidays Utility Program

    Difficulties can arise at any time for families, but the holidays and winter months can be especially challenging. We help students and families with temporary assistance with utility bills. Donations are used for crediting utility accounts such as Electric, Gas, and Water. Our goal is to simply provide some much-needed relief to families who find themselves in a crisis.

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    The Giving Tree Program

    The Giving Tree Program helps Lindbergh families who may not be able to afford to purchase gifts for their children, and special items during the holidays. We are anticipating that the need may be greater this year and are doing our best to prepare for that.


    Helpful tip:  When thinking about how large of a family you might sponsor, a family with 1 child would cost approximately $175 and a family with 2 children would be about $275.


    Please fill out this form to let us know what type of support you would like to provide.


    We thank you for your wonderful support of our families and look forward to working with you!


    College Kick Start Program

    This program provides essential school supplies, personal care items, and dorm supplies to qualified Lindbergh graduating seniors who are continuing their education in the fall, and who otherwise would not be able to provide these items for themselves. We help students make the experience of transitioning to college or technical school as smooth as possible.


    Student Activity Funding

    We work with area counselors to assist students with costs associated with district activities.


    Summer Café Program

    This program provides lunch for students in need during the summer months.

    For some Lindbergh students, a school meal is their best or only meal of their day. What happens to those children during the summer? We help by packing and delivering lunches to these students while school is not in session.



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