• Nomination Forms

    Please review the criteria for each nomination before submitting the form. Nomination forms can be found on this page next to the nomination criteria.


    Criteria for Nomination:

    Nominees will have graduated at least ten years prior to selection and will be evaluated for excellence, accomplishments and recognition in their fields and/or continuing contributions to the Lindbergh Schools.



    Criteria for Nomination:

    Nominees will be Lindbergh Schools teachers or administrators who had a significant and lasting impact on the lives of their students and are retired a minimum of 5 years from their teaching careers.



    Criteria for Nomination:

    Nominees will be Lindbergh High School graduates who have been out of school at least ten years and who were:

    - selected to the First All-State Team or were State Champion

    - selected to the Second All-State Team or placed second in state

    - set and held a LHS record for five years or longer

    - selected to the All-Metro First team, finished in the top six in the state multiple times

    - received All-Conference Honors

    - received All-District Honors and/or excelled at the collegiate level

    Nominations are weighted in this order.


    Posthumous nominations will be considered.